कौशल विकास संचालनालय, मध्यप्रदेश आई.टी.आई ऑनलाइन काउंसलिंग -2022

S.No.TradeSectorTrade MIS CodeEligibilitySubject
1Additive Manufacturing Technician (3D Printing)Production & Manufacturing400दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
2Agro Processing (NSQF)Food Processing & Preservation402दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
3Architectural Assistant (NSQF)--403दसवी के आधार परNormal
4Architectural Draughtsman(NSQF)--404दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
5Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)Chemical406दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
6Baker and Confectioner (NSQF)Food Processing & Preservation407दसवी के आधार परNormal
7Bamboo Works (NSQF)Handicrafts408दसवी के आधार परNormal
8Carpenter (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate966आठवी के आधार परNormal
9Central Air Condition Plant Mechanic (NSQF)--996दसवी के आधार परNormal
10Civil Engineering Assistant (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate416दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
11Computer Aided Embroidery and Design (NSQF)Textile & Apparel417दसवी के आधार परNormal
12Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance (NSQF)IT & ITES418दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
13Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (VI) (NSQF)--420दसवी के आधार परNormal
14Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)IT & ITES421दसवी के आधार परNormal
15Cosmetology (NSQF)Beauty and Wellness409दसवी के आधार परNormal
16Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian) (NSQF)--423दसवी के आधार परNormal
17Dairying(NSQF)--993दसवी के आधार परNormal
18Data Entry Operator (NSQF)--428दसवी के आधार परNormal
19Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician (NSQF)Health Care 430दसवी के आधार परNormal
20Desk Top Publishing Operator (NSQF)--431दसवी के आधार परNormal
21Digital Photographer (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality433दसवी के आधार परNormal
22Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate991दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
23Draughtsman (Mechanical) (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing439दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
24Dress Making (NSQF)Textile & Apparel440आठवी के आधार परNormal
25Drone Technician (NSQF)Aerospace and Aviation2019दसवी के आधार परNormal
26Early Childhood Educator (NSQF)Banking, Financial Service and Insurance986दसवी के आधार परNormal
27Electrician (NSQF)Electrical442दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
28Electronics Mechanic (NSQF)Electronics & Hardware446दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
29Electroplater (NSQF)Electrical447दसवी के आधार परNormal
30Fashion Design & Technology (NSQF)Textile & Apparel449दसवी के आधार परNormal
31Fashion Design & Technology (VI) (NSQF)--989दसवी के आधार परNormal
32Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NSQF)Safety and Security451दसवी के आधार परNormal
33Fitter (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing453दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
34Floriculture & Landscaping (NSQF)Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture455दसवी के आधार परNormal
35Food and Beverages Service Assistant (NSQF)Food Processing & Preservation456दसवी के आधार परNormal
36Food Beavrage (NSQF)Food Processing & Preservation457दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
37Foundryman (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing460दसवी के आधार परNormal
38Front Office Assistant (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality461दसवी के आधार परNormal
39Fruit and Vegetable Processor (NSQF)--462दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
40Health Safety & Environment (NSQF)Safety and Security466दसवी के आधार परNormal
41Health Sanitary Inspector (NSQF)Health Care 467दसवी के आधार परNormal
42Horticulture (NSQF)Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture468दसवी के आधार परNormal
43Hospital House Keeping (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality470दसवी के आधार परNormal
44House Keeper (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality471दसवी के आधार परNormal
45Human Resource Executive (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality472दसवी के आधार परNormal
46Industrial Painter (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate473दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
47Information Communication Technology System Maintenance (NSQF)IT & ITES474दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
48Information Technology (NSQF)IT & ITES475दसवी के आधार परNormal
49Instrument Mechanic (NSQF)Electronics & Hardware477दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
50Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate481दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
51Internet of Things (Smart City)IT & ITES965दसवी के आधार परNormal
52Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)Chemical485दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
53Litho- Offset Machine Minder (NSQF)--492दसवी के आधार परNormal
54Machinist (Grinder) (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing494दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
55Machinist (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing493दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
56Marketing Executive (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality498दसवी के आधार परNormal
57Mason (Building Constructor) (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate499आठवी के आधार परNormal
58Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF)Automobile502दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
59Mechanic (Tractor) (NSQF)Automobile504दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
60Mechanic Agricultural Machinery (NSQF)Automobile505दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
61Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF)Automobile507दसवी के आधार परNormal
62Mechanic Auto Body Repair (NSQF)Automobile508दसवी के आधार परNormal
63Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics (NSQF)Automobile509दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
64Mechanic Computer Hardware (NSQF)--511दसवी के आधार परNormal
65Mechanic Diesel (NSQF)Automobile515दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
66Mechanic industrial Electronics--516दसवी के आधार परNormal
67Mechanic Medical Electronics (NSQF)--520दसवी के आधार परNormal
68Mechanic Radio & T.V. (NSQF)--523दसवी के आधार परNormal
69Mechanic two and three wheelerAutomobile985दसवी के आधार परNormal
70Milk & Milk Product Technician (NSQF)--994दसवी के आधार परNormal
71Multimedia Animation & Special EffectsIT & ITES530दसवी के आधार परNormal
72Office Assitant cum Computer Operator (NSQF)--532दसवी के आधार परNormal
73Old Age Care (NSQF)Health Care 533दसवी के आधार परNormal
74Old Age Care Assistant (NSQF)--534दसवी के आधार परNormal
75Operator Advanced Machine ToolsProduction & Manufacturing535दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
76Painter General (NSQF)Chemical536आठवी के आधार परNormal
77Painting and Interior Decoration--1978दसवी के आधार परNormal
78Physiotherapy Technician (NSQF)Health Care 540दसवी के आधार परNormal
79Plastic Processing Operator (NSQF)Chemical541दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
80Plate Maker-Cum-Impositor (NSQF)--542दसवी के आधार परNormal
81Plumber (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate543दसवी के आधार परNormal
83Sanitary Hardware Fitter (NSQF)--552दसवी के आधार परNormal
84Secretarial Practice (English) (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality553दसवी के आधार परNormal
85Sewing Technology (NSQF)Textile & Apparel554आठवी के आधार परNormal
86Sheet Metal Worker (NSQF)Fabrication555दसवी के आधार परNormal
87Soil Testing and Crop Technician (NSQF)Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture559दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
88Solar Technician (Electrical)Renewable energy560दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
89Spa Therapy (NSQF)Beauty and Wellness562दसवी के आधार परNormal
90Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality564दसवी के आधार परNormal
91Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi) (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality565दसवी के आधार परNormal
92Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (NSQF)Textile & Apparel568दसवी के आधार परNormal
93Surveyor (NSQF)Construction, Construction Material and Real Estate970दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
94Technician MechatronicsProduction & Manufacturing570दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
95Technician Medical Electronics--1070दसवी के आधार परNormal
96Technician Power Electronics System (NSQF)Electronics & Hardware571दसवी के आधार परNormal
97Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing575दसवी के आधार परNormal
98Tool and die maker (die and modules) (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing574दसवी के आधार परNormal
99Travel & Tour Assistant (NSQF)Travel, Tourism and Hospitality577दसवी के आधार परNormal
100Turner (NSQF)Production & Manufacturing578दसवी के आधार परScience and Maths
101Web Designing & Computer Graphics (NSQF)--1977दसवी के आधार परNormal
102Welder (Fabrication & Fitting) (NSQF)Fabrication586दसवी के आधार परNormal
103Welder (NSQF)Fabrication969दसवी के आधार परNormal
104Wireman (NSQF)Electrical592दसवी के आधार परNormal